Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on optimizing how the muscles, teeth, bone, jaws and other structures work together. When these structures all function together properly, your smile will reach its ideal functionality and health. To reach this ideal harmony, treatment may include an evaluation of the posture of the head, neck, jaws and body as a whole. We focus on muscular balance and occlusal (bite) stability to achieve a harmonious balance between all of the structures. When these structures are out of balance, it may result in several painful symptoms, such as:

If you experience these symptoms, our dentist may recommend neuromuscular dentistry to help you receive the treatments you need. Neuromuscular treatments focus on correcting the bite (how the teeth fit and work together) and aligning the jaw for an optimal bite relationship. Neuromuscular dentistry can help to improve your oral health and relieve painful symptoms. To learn more about neuromuscular dentistry and its benefits or set up your next appointment with our caring team, we invite you to call us today.