Recently, we have been finding more people who are using marijuana. We are not here to judge anyone, but as part of your medical team, we need to know about your drug use for your safety and comfort. Marijuana can increase the risk for complications and pain during and after surgery, and we suggest discontinuing its use at least 72 hours before your scheduled treatment. Keep reading and reach out to us to learn more.

The Risks

Researchers have found that people who use marijuana tend to require more anesthesia to feel numb and relaxed during procedures, sometimes needing as much as three times the normal amount. This can lead to increased pain and discomfort if insufficient anesthesia is used. Becoming sedated and unconscious is more difficult as well, and simply using more anesthesia gets more and more dangerous.

While it might be tempting to use marijuana before surgery to relax, this can lead to more complications. It can lead to an increase in pain sensitivity after surgery, leading to increased need for opioids and other painkillers. Additionally, it can raise the heart rate and lower blood pressure, leading to an increased risk of airway sensitivity and heart problems, including heart attacks, when using anesthesia.

What We Suggest

Before coming in for any treatment that requires anesthesia or sedation, we recommend that you avoid all types of marijuana for at least 72 hours (although depending on your particular procedure, we might recommend a longer period). This includes not smoking, eating edibles or using synthetic substitutes. Our goal is to keep you safe and well cared for.

Talk With Us

Our dentist and team at Davidson Cosmetic & Family Dentistry are committed to your oral and overall health, and you can trust us to be discreet and respectful with your medical information. Being honest with us about marijuana use can help us keep you safe as we work to help your smile shine. If you have any questions for Dr. Michael Wilhite, please reach out to us at 704-987-2277 to schedule an appointment.