Temporary crowns and bridges are placed to protect your teeth while the final restoration is created. The shape and size of your temporary restoration will resemble your natural tooth, though the color of the restoration may not. The final restoration will be custom made to perfectly fit into your mouth and smile.

Here are a few tips on caring for your temporary restoration and avoiding further damage to your teeth during this waiting period.

Please do not floss the temporary restoration. It may loosen or break.


  • Do not chew for 30 minutes after placement. This will give the temporary restoration time to set.
  • Temporary restorations are not strong and may break or come off. Call us at 704-987-2277 so that we can replace them. If you cannot contact us for some reason, you can purchase FIXODENT at a local pharmacy. This denture adhesive will help hold the temporary on your tooth until you can meet with our dentist.
  • Some foods may stick to your restoration. Please be careful when eating and chewing.

Tooth Sensitivity
Temporary restorations may leak saliva or food into the tooth. You may experience some sensitivity to cold, hot, or sweet foods and beverages.

Please do not leave the temporary out of your mouth. If the temporary is not in place, the teeth may move, and the final restoration will not fit.