Good oral health is achieved through regular care at home and regular care in a professional dental office. In particular, thorough comprehensive dental exams that include evaluation of all parts of your mouth can keep your smile strong and looking beautiful throughout your entire life! Our dentist, Dr. Michael Wilhite, proudly provides comprehensive dental exams in Davidson, North Carolina, to promote long-lasting oral health. To schedule your dental exam at Davidson Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, please call 704-987-2277!

What to Expect During Your First Appointment

Digital X-Rays
We strive to maintain equipment of only the highest quality at our modern practice. Digital X-rays allow our team to get a view of your mouth that is otherwise not visible to the eye alone, including decay, bone loss and cavities. Digital X-rays help us see tooth and root positions more clearly so that we can plan more precise treatment for your individual needs. Digital X-rays can also be viewed right away and shared with you so that you can see exactly what we see and understand what we are talking about.

Oral Cancer Screening
Oral cancer is easiest to treat in the early stages, and regular dental exams that include oral cancer screenings can potentially save your life. We will check your mouth for any signs of oral cancer.

Gum Disease Screening
Gum health is vital for tooth health and overall oral health. We will check your gums for any signs of periodontal disease using a tiny probe that measures the pocket depth around your teeth. Our dentist will let you know of any problem areas.

Examination for Tooth Decay
The surface of each tooth will be carefully scanned for any signs of decay.

Examination of Previous Dental or Restorative Work
We will make sure that all of your existing fillings, crowns, bridges and other dental work and restorations are still in good condition.

Photography of Teeth and Smile
Photos of your teeth and smile can provide us with invaluable information. Click here to learn more!