Orthodontics involves more than fixing crooked teeth. It also improves oral hygiene and prevents tooth decay. Now, there are alternatives to braces that do not require brackets and wires to straighten teeth. SureSmile® Aligners provide a faster, less expensive orthodontics option for patients who need minor tooth movement. Davidson Cosmetic & Family Dentistry offers patients the benefits of SureSmile Aligners. Treatment is contingent upon an initial analysis to determine if the tooth movement desired is too great for clear aligners and traditional orthodontics should be recommended instead.

What Are SureSmile Aligners?
SureSmile Aligners make it possible to straighten teeth without braces. Made of PVC- and BPA-free plastic, these clear orthodontic aligners are essentially unnoticeable yet highly effective in creating the smile you want.

Who Can Benefit From SureSmile Aligners?
Removable clear aligners correct tooth-crowding, gaps between teeth and misaligned teeth. They are recommended for individuals who have all their permanent teeth and can meet proper care and use requirements. We will work with you to perform an initial analysis of your teeth to determine the degree of tooth movement required and if the SureSmile Aligners solution or traditional orthodontic approach is better suited.

SureSmile Aligners give you a choice of bracket-free orthodontics and offer incredible results in a shorter treatment period than traditional methods. They also cost less than many other orthodontic treatments. Dr. Michael Wilhite can help you decide if SureSmile Aligners are the right treatment option for you.

How Do SureSmile Aligners Work?
After Dr. Mike develops a treatment plan, your aligner is custom made to move your teeth to their ideal positions. Over time, often as little as three to six months, your teeth progressively migrate into their proper locations.

SureSmile Aligners use the same orthodontic principles as other types of braces: space, force and time. However, SureSmile Aligners differ from “invisible” ceramic bracket braces as well as other invisible aligners. SureSmile Aligners are removable, unlike ceramic brackets, and are generally less expensive than other clear aligner brands.

What Should I Expect When Using SureSmile Aligners?
Within a week of starting, most SureSmile Aligners users forget the aligners are even there. During treatment, you must wear the aligner at all times except when eating, drinking hot liquids, and brushing and flossing your teeth.

During the course of your treatment, you will use a progression of aligners that make slight adjustments that cause your teeth to move into position. New aligners may be introduced every few weeks, depending upon your treatment plan. Once your SureSmile Aligners treatment plan ends, you may need to wear a retainer to maintain your proper tooth alignment.

How Do I Care for My SureSmile Aligners?
Achieving the best results requires wearing your aligners at all times, except while drinking hot liquids and eating and during oral hygiene. Never chew gum while using the aligner. Whenever the aligner is not in your mouth, place it in its protective case and store it away from any heat sources. After eating or drinking, brush and floss your teeth and then reinsert the aligners. Food trapped in the aligner may cause tooth decay, so good oral hygiene is very important. Do not use toothpaste to clean the device as it may cause scratching and dulling of the plastic. Cleaning the aligner is easy using Retainer Brite cleaning tablets.

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