The First Few Weeks
Your mouth will take a few weeks to adjust to wearing your dentures. You may find that your speech has been altered or that eating is strange for a while. These feelings will go away as your mouth adjusts. You can speed the process by practicing speaking or by reading aloud.

Dentures patient

You may also find that your mouth develops a few “sore spots.” This problem can be easily resolved at your follow-up appointments.

Cleaning & Maintenance
Clean your dentures regularly to keep them in good condition. Dr. Michael Wilhite will provide you with cleaning instructions when you receive your dentures. We will also check your appliance at each appointment to ensure that it fits and functions properly, and we will provide any repairs or maintenance that is needed.

Wearing Dentures
Do not wear your dentures to bed. Take them out when asleep so that your gum tissues and jaws can rest. Please also be aware of the condition of your dentures — dentures are subject to wear, and some portions may need to be repaired periodically. Our dentist will also check your dentures at your appointments to determine if relining, rebasing, repairs or complete replacements are necessary.

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